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The 4M Club is a top ten elite matchmaking service for super successful bachelors looking for their soul mate.

We are currently representing an eligible and mature CEO looking for his perfect partner-in-life; he eagerly wants to start a new family.

We want to hear from you, if you are a beautiful and healthy woman in your 30’s to early 40’s – and you also desire marriage and a biological baby in your future.

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We represent a high energy and successful man in his 60’s, who desires to meet his true love and final soul mate.

What is unique about this matchmaking search is our client desires a baby at this stage in life.  He wants to marry and start a new family (maybe with you?)  The love and security he can offer the right woman is second to none.

He lives in the Southeast and is breaking ground soon to build a beautiful, new country home estate – but not to worry; he lives 20-25 minutes away from “city life.”  You’ll enjoy your quiet and cozy time together; or a night on the town whenever the mood strikes.

We encourage you to apply if your marriage and family goals are similar (and you can see living in his neck-of-the-woods should a relationship develop) – and we’ll decide if you are a possible match for our VIP client.

It will be one very lucky lady who becomes the future wife and best friend of our outstanding client.

Apply confidentially today (and please include recent, quality photos of yourself.)

We will be in touch soon, if we feel you are a good match for our client. You would then have a phone interview with Christine Stelmack (president of 4M Club), before any introduction is made.

Thank you for your interest.  Christine looks forward to reviewing your application.

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Q1. Name some activities you enjoy doing on the weekend?
Answer: I enjoy antiquing in the countryside (driving away from home to discover new little towns with restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques.)  I do especially love to shop for large, unique historical architectural items…I can always find a place for them.
Q2. What are some things you like doing around the home?
Answer: I like to read and cook, make plans for redecorating – as well as plan for the summer garden (or the winter garden), depending on the time of year.
Q3. What is your favorite “downtime” activity?

Answer:  Reading in front of my fireplace with a roaring, wood-burning fire is pleasurable to me.  In fact, I just received an early Christmas present from Santa, so I have a stack of 8 new books on photography and fashion sitting in front of me (patiently awaiting discovery.)

If someone were here with me, we would share our thoughts about the day and make a plan for tomorrow.  I am naturally inquisitive, so her interests would become mine!

Q4. Name a country or place in the world you haven’t been, but would love to see with your future wife – and why.

Answer:  I’ve been to France, but I’ve always wanted to live in Paris for a month or so…or maybe in the South. Preferably, I would like to take my wife to places SHE has a yearning to see, that would be most satisfying for me.

Q5. Tell me about a favorite childhood memory?

Answer:  There are many…I don’t know where to start.  Let’s just say it was a great childhood, full of opportunities, discoveries, great family and friends.  It was the time when who I am today was mostly formed.

I suppose most memorable and (now) appreciated was the freedom my parents gave me to grow (my way) without judgment by them…especially my Dad who would talk with me if things were difficult or confusing.

Q6. Tell me about your day-to-day activities – including work?

Answer: I’m lucky now to have the flexibility to chose my “working” hours, they’re challenging but a lot of fun.  The creative challenge is the most rewarding, developing a concept into a reality.  I can work a very minimum in a day, or I can work 20 hours.

And now learn even more about our client

After I meet my partner-in-life, I think our daily life will be determined by our mutual needs and desires.  Depending on when we come together, as we get to know each other better, we will be either building a house or moving in lots of things to share and decisions to make.

She will learn I am a generous person, fun, sensitive, trusting, creative and have a great sense of humor.  When necessary, I am serious and hard working, competitive – but empathetic and have a strong desire to achieve the goals I place on myself. That being said, I will be supportive of her goals and desire her happiness in life.

She should want a family, and her life and interests focused around the home. My existing family is supportive of my search for a new life.  They understand that my life is entering its peak as far as being able to enjoy the things most important to me, and they hope that I can find a soul mate to be with every day.

Besides our mutual desire to conceive a baby and create our own family unit, Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill is one of Forbes best communities in the United States to live in.  It is home to 3 great universities; Duke, University of North Carolina and North Carolina State, as well as numerous small colleges. The available health and medical facilities are unmatched, as are opportunities in the sciences and entrepreneurial activity.

Geographically we are close to Washington D.C., Charleston, the Carolina Beaches as well as the Blue Ridge Mountains.

There are many small, quaint towns and villages along the way.

If you have an interest in me, I look forward to learning more about you.  I hope you will complete the application form – and 4M Club will do the rest!



Chris is an expert matchmaker and communicator, who has been successfully providing her matchmaking services to clients for over 15 years.

Chris really knows people and what to ask to establish what a woman or a client is seeking in a relationship. She works very hard with her executive clients and women candidates alike –  to determine what they want in a match.

Here is what some women have said after they were successfully introduced to some of our clients:

''When I signed up with 4M, I figured I’d never get a call since men hire them and women can’t be guaranteed a match. Well, not only did Chris call me 4-months after I signed up, but I am still dating the wonderful man she introduced me to 18-months later! Thank you, Chris, saving me from online dating ever again.''


''Chris’s passion and transparency really shine through when you speak with her. I love her no-nonsense directness (she says it’s because she’s from the Midwest.) I don’t know about that, but I do know her own openness makes you want to open up to her.''


''Because of 4M and Chris, I have been married now to my husband almost 11-years now. I told Chris at my wedding she was our angel, and we will never forget how we met. Our deepest and sincerest thank you from both of us, Chris.''


''Chris really takes a lot of time getting to know you. I spent over 2-hours on a phone interview the first time she wanted to introduce me to one of her clients. Her friendliness and honest approach blew me away. Another agency I applied with spent only a few minutes with me, and it wasn’t the owner I spoke to like Chris. Chris and I still keep in touch 2.5 years later. Although I haven’t met my soulmate yet, I met two really quality men through 4M. It definitely is for super successful bachelors like they advertise. I never had to pay anything because her clients are guaranteed introductions, not the other way around. I still am hoping my knight in shining armor will come through 4M Club, but even if he doesn’t, I consider Chris a friend for life''


''Chris you rock! The time you spent with me on the phone advising me about “a situation” showed me what true character and generous spirit you have. Don’t ever change, even when one day you become a multimillionaire yourself. Your advice was spot on!"


''Okay I have been engaged for 7-months now and our wedding is in December. Chris once told me she rarely gets invited to weddings of her clients, because they are so private and don’t like to share with others how they met. “Greg” is kind of like that too, but I told him if Chris isn’t at the wedding than I am calling it off. Okay not really, I love him to death. But Chris, your invitation will be in the mail. You have MY word."


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