Bachelors hiring 4M and matched
by Chris Stelmack, say…

''4M Club makes confidentiality a priority. I was skeptical of matchmaking in general, but Chris’s professional approach and friendly demeanor put me at ease. I travel a lot and Chris gave me a few more months extended on my contract. I have been dating the same woman for 7-months now after meeting only 2 women. I don’t know what the future brings, but my present couldn’t be happier.''

J.M. (C-level, Fortune 100 tech company), SAN FRANCISCO, CA

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''Chris still doesn’t know why I made her sweat it out over 2 years before I hired 4M, not to punish her though. As a divorced 61-year-old owner of a large manufacturing company, I just never thought I would need a matchmaking service in my life. I thought wrong. Chris, you treat me amazing and I only wish I signed up the day I spoke to you. Better late than never I guess.''

R.L. (CEO, entrepreneur/manufacturer), RALEIGH, NC

''What’s interesting is I live in Los Angeles near the ocean, home to some of the most beautiful women in the world. I figured why should I hire 4M when I can meet anyone anytime. I realized at my age, 53, no matter how good looking and ||younger than my years|| I know I am, I still was not meeting the type woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I am from the Midwest originally, so in my heart of hearts, I preferred meeting someone anywhere but here. And I did. Chris introduced me to a beautiful and really sweet woman in Portland. On the plus side, she is originally from Wisconsin like I am. We got married a little over 2-years ago and my wife and I share our love and the California sunshine together (yes, just like Chris says, the lady really does move to be with her man.) We recently met up with Chris in Seattle and we all enjoyed a beautiful dinner on top of the Space Needle—mostly to thank her in person again. It was great to see you, Chris—keep on matching wonderful people together like you do.''

AARON S. & BECKY S. (CEO & Entrepreneur, Men & Women’s Fashion), SANTA MONICA, CA

''Chris and 4M have been part of my life a couple years now. I travel quite a bit and I've met some real quality women through her agency. I would say all marriage material, but I am almost 51 and being cautious this time around. I've been through two divorces and want to make sure third is the charm. I know I will end up marrying one of Chris’s introductions. She likes to remind me it’s time already, and all I can say is I agree Chris.''

P.V. (President, Real Estate Development), SCOTTSDALE, AZ

''Thanks to 4M and Chris specifically, I never have to do online dating again. I always had to be super careful anyway because of my position, but now 4M takes the pressure off. Honestly, the time I wasted online I can never get back. I have already met two equally great ladies in less than 7-weeks after signing up with Chris. One lives in NYC and the other in L.A. I wanted to meet a third, but Chris pointed out this is about finding THE ONE, not multiple women like you do online. She rightly pointed out let’s do a process of elimination with 1 or 2, before we proceed—if it even gets to that point, as my first match I am planning for a 2nd date this weekend cross country! Chris can be tough, but always fair. Okay, she’s also super easy to talk to, something I appreciate.''

MARK G. (C-level, Fortune 500 financial company), NEW YORK CITY, NY

''I have worked with Chris on and off for 9-years now. I would never consider another matchmaker, because Chris knows “my type” and the woman I ultimately want to spend the rest of my life with. I’ve had a couple serious long-term relationships during this time, both long-distance. Even though they didn’t result in marriage, the quality of women Chris brings to the table is by far superior to other elite matchmakers I worked with long before signing up with 4M. Thanks, Chris, for being my confidante and I know one day you are fixing me up with the woman I will marry.''

RUSSELL D. (Senior Partner & Entrepreneur), WASHINGTON D.C.

Single women interviewed by
Chris Stelmack, say…

''Chris you rock! The time you spent with me on the phone advising me about “a situation” showed me what true character and generous spirit you have. Don’t ever change, even when one day you become a millionaire yourself. Your advice was spot on!''


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''When I signed up with 4M, I figured I’d never get a call since men hire them and women can’t be guaranteed a match. Well, not only did Chris call me 4-months after I signed up, but I am still dating the wonderful man she introduced me to 18-months later! Thank you, Chris, saving me from online dating ever again.''


''Chris’s passion and transparency really shine through when you speak with her. I love her no-nonsense directness (she says it’s because she’s from the Midwest.) I don’t know about that, but I do know her own openness makes you want to open up to her.''


''Because of 4M and Chris, I have been married now to my husband almost 11-years now. I told Chris at my wedding she was our angel, and we will never forget how we met. Our deepest and sincerest thank you from both of us, Chris.''


''Chris really takes a lot of time getting to know you. I spent over 2-hours on a phone interview the first time she wanted to introduce me to one of her clients. Her friendliness and honest approach blew me away. Another agency I applied with spent only a few minutes with me, and it wasn’t the owner I spoke to like Chris. Chris and I still keep in touch 2.5 years later. Although I haven’t met my soulmate yet, I met two really quality men through 4M. It definitely is for super successful bachelors like they advertise. I never had to pay anything because her clients are guaranteed introductions, not the other way around. I still am hoping my knight in shining armor will come through 4M Club, but even if he doesn’t, I consider Chris a friend for life''


''Okay I have been engaged for 7-months now and our wedding is in December. Chris once told me she rarely gets invited to weddings of her clients, because they are so private and don’t like to share with others how they met. “Greg” is kind of like that too, but I told him if Chris isn’t at the wedding than I am calling it off. Okay not really, I love him to death. But Chris, your invitation will be in the mail. You have MY word. ||



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