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Age, Height, Weight Lies, still prevalent…

This should be a quick read for you. I am so tired of the deceit when it comes to age, height and weight. At least becoming weary hearing stories my clients and candidates share. You know, those who have tried online dating, or gasp, still swipe left and right. Men...

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It’s Okay Not To Share Mom’s On Mother’s Day

Q: Hello, Chris. I have been dating the same man for almost 5-years. Every Mother’s Day he visits his mom – but he never sees mine. They are only 45-minutes apart from each other, so location really isn’t an issue. He says it’s because, “my mom is mine and your mom is...

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Tolerates Hypercritical Mother-In-Law Every Christmas

Q: Hey, Chris. I am sure you get mother-in-law questions here and there. My wife and I have been married ten happy years. We are both in our 40’s and lead a productive and quality lifestyle. The only glitch is my wife insists every Christmas we spend with her folks....

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Celibate Woman Not Attracting The Right Man

 Q: Hello, Chris. I am a 48-year-old woman who has been celibate for 7-years. I am so miserable and unhappy with the online dates I’ve had. I miss having a partner and I must be the only woman practicing celibacy. I am so lonely and tired of men who don’t want to date...

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Accused of Being a Gold Digger When She’s Not

Q: Hey, Chris. I am a smart, successful 37-year-old woman who is dating an older wealthy man. He’s 49 and his friend recently made the comment, “Yeah, ‘Mark’ has dated gold diggers for as long as I can remember.”  To say I wasn’t shocked and hurt is an...

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Being Ghosted By Someone Is No Fun

Q: Hi, Chris. I recently met a man I was attracted to while having drinks at a 5-star hotel. During the week, we texted a few times and met up for a nice dinner. We had fun and enjoyed our time together. I texted him a couple days later and invited him to an art...

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Boyfriend Too Good A Handyman

Q: Chris, I am a 42-year-old man dating a woman (age 39) for almost one-year now.  We both have great jobs and earn good incomes.  At what point do I excuse myself from doing "chores" around her house? I happen to be talented at "handyman stuff," but I am starting to...

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He Desires Sex, She Doesn’t; What To Do

Q: Chris, I am a wealthy, divorced man age 58 dating a beautiful 50-year-old woman. This is long-distance and I’ve visited her every other weekend for the past 4 months. She’s sexy, sweet and intelligent - and I have fallen for her. I have one issue. We sleep...

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Meet Him Now, Not Countless Phone Chats Later

Q: Chris, when you get to know someone over the phone, how long before you should actually meet in person if you feel a connection? ~ Allison from Dallas Hi, Allison: The answer depends if you are referring to a local date or long distance. Either way, I always advise...

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