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Christine Stelmack, a 15-year millionaire matchmaking veteran, says this is a unique search because it isn’t everyday a man in his 60’s wants to start anew (especially with pitter-patter of baby feet in the not-so-distant future.)

“American single women are a tough crowd,” 4M Club’s Stelmack says. “I hope there is some open-minded woman out there, because this is a wonderful guy who offers sincere love and life-long security.”

Her client is building a beautiful, new home on his country estate in the Southeast—a place he wants to fill with love, laughter, his soulmate and a new baby.

He told millionaire matchmaker Stelmack, “I’ve reached the point in my life where my vocation is my avocation; I have the time and the wherewithal to share my life fully with a kind, honest and loving partner, and together raise a new family.”

Stelmack goes on to say the United States is an extremely ageist society—both men and women are hung up on the number, instead of the person.

“I wish men and women in the U.S. were more like Europeans,” Stelmack emphasized. “In Europe, the last thing they care about is your age—if there is a physical and mental attraction, the rest works itself out.”

She says her client isn’t looking for a 20 or 30-year-old. He is very aware of the age difference, but prefers someone in her 30’s or even early 40’s. If the woman is pretty, intelligent, has a flexible career and also desires a biological baby, she is a potential candidate for Stelmack’s client.

The 4M Club works with single CEO’s and entrepreneur millionaire men who hire Christine Stelmack personally to find Miss Right. These men are generally mid-40’s to late 50’s and want a professional to assist finding their ideal life partner.

“Online dating is tough for wealthy men of a certain age – especially for privacy reasons. That’s why they turn to a qualified and high-end matchmaker offline, “ she says. “These guys are engaged with their own work and personal life. They are very private individuals and way too busy for clubbing, bar hopping or playing on Tinder. That’s not their M.O. anyway,” Stelmack said.

As far as her older client goes, owner Stelmack hopes women will reach out to her or refer others who aren’t afraid of the age difference. What should concern them most is potential compatibility with an older man who is very healthy and young at heart.

Stelmack concludes, “At the end of the day, love is love. And while I never advocate men dating women half their age for fun, that isn’t the case here. My client is looking to have a biological baby and adoption is out of the question for him. He is being very realistic about his potential partner’s age. Nothing sinister going on here; my client deserves to have love and a new family in his senior years.”

Qualified women interested in meeting 4M Club’s new client can email elite matchmaker Stelmack personally at; or eligible women can apply to potentially meet him by clicking here. This is a custom-landing page built for Stelmack’s client, where you can read more about him.

Qualified executive U.S. bachelors interested in speaking with Stelmack herself (for a specialized search of their own) should contact her by cellphone at 1-206-372-5798. Fees generally are in the five to low six-figure range (including success bonus) and are treated as an executive search – with an upfront retainer + other benchmark payments. Matches are always pre-approved by the client, including sharing current photos and background information for each woman. Stelmack then has in-depth interviews with likely candidates.

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