Rich, single executives often fear women love them only for their money. 4M Club’s millionaire matchmaker, Chris Stelmack, says they want to be loved for their charming self – not the last Mercedes they bought.

Rich, single executives often fear women love them only for their money. Like anyone else, they want to be loved for their charming self and not the last Mercedes they bought.

Expert Chris Stelmack, CEO and Chief Matchmaker with the 4M Club, weighs in on this matter. “Don’t be paranoid around your lover, but always be observant,” says Stelmack.

Check out these ten tips, and see if your girlfriend really is the good person you believe her to be:

1. Does she still laugh at that funny story you’ve told five times already, yet acts like the first time she’s heard it? She is a tolerant and gracious lady. If she rolls her eyes and berates you, cross off ‘tolerant and gracious.’

2. While jetting off to Europe and you got tired and grumpy, did she try and make you feel better with humor – or did she pout and get angry? If she sucked it up to what it was (fatigue), you have a patient and kind woman. If she got mad, you have somebody lacking empathy.

3. When you two occasionally hit the upscale mall together, does she often drop hints about the perfect diamond bracelet (tastefully displayed in Tiffany’s window), or is she clearly more into you than anything else? If the latter, you have a sincere woman. If the former, she’s being manipulative.

4. Okay, she knows you’re a millionaire. If you lost all your fortune tomorrow, would she be right by your side offering to help you get back on your feet, or would she run? If you’re not 100% sure, you either need to spend more time getting to know her better or reevaluate what you already do know.

5. Do you catch her staring at you with loving eyes, even when you just woke up with crumbs in yours? That’s a hooked woman! If she makes fun or scowls at you, that’s not very nice.

6. When you go to that fancy corporate party, is she just as sweet and charming there as she is at home? If it’s one and not the other, we call that “two-faced.”

7. Is she respectful of you in day-to-day life, or does she only perk up when you take her someplace nice or buy her a gift? If it’s not the former, she’s not a keeper.

8. Does she seem oblivious about your financial status or infatuated with it? While you shouldn’t have to apologize for being rich, you don’t want it thrown in your face everyday either—or ever.

9. Does she make an effort and treat you to a home-cooked dinner or movie now and then? Or maybe she surprised you with that bestseller book you’ve been dying to read. If all she does is take from you and never give back, need I say more?

10. Always remember, it’s the small stuff that adds up. For instance, if she does five little things consistently that make you happy, and one thing occasionally that doesn’t, odds are stacked in your favor. And if she does five things regularly that make you miserable (and few things that make you happy), life is too short—move on!

Stelmack believes single men (rich or not) often ignore those niggling red flags, especially when a woman is beautiful. “If men thought with their head more often and less below the belt, “ Stelmack said, “they’d be aware of these warning signs.”

She stressed a woman’s beauty can be a curse to any man, whether they know it or not. “Don’t let her beauty fool you,” says Stelmack. “Physical beauty is wonderful, but only when backed by a loving heart and good character. Don’t ever sacrifice a lack of integrity for a perfect body and face.”

Stelmack works one-on-one with up to ten millionaire bachelors a year – typically age 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s. They are successful entrepreneurs or corporate executives, and they hail from cities all over the U.S. She provides them highly personal service and best quality matches for the greatest results. Stelmack guarantees minimum one approved candidate a month to each client – up to 12 matches per year.

The 4M Club markets, advertises, networks and seeks best single, available women for her seasoned clients. These are educated, beautiful, healthy, working and intelligent ladies (also having a tough time finding a soul mate.) Women are usually age 30’s, 40’s and early 50’s. They are hard won, though, because of 4M Club’s high standards. For every 20 women who apply, 4M Club may represent one or two.

With the Wild, Wild West of Internet dating – Stelmack is here to provide calm, safety and a sophisticated group of men and women a way to meet each other – an exclusive club producing long-term relationships and marriages for over 15 years.

Qualified men from anywhere in the United States can call Stelmack at 1-206-285-0303. Women applicants, who are never charged a fee, should apply confidentially here.

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Physical beauty is wonderful, but only when backed by a loving heart and good character. Don’t ever sacrifice a lack of integrity for a perfect body and face.