This should be a quick read for you.

I am so tired of the deceit when it comes to age, height and weight.

At least becoming weary hearing stories my clients and candidates share.

You know, those who have tried online dating, or gasp, still swipe left and right.

Men tend to misrepresent height and sometimes weight.

Women are prone to fib about age and weight.

Seriously, when does all this madness end?

Rhetorical question and probably never.

Even in my own service, while I am the Photo Nazi, I don’t fly to my clients and candidates’ home with a tape measure.

So when I meet someone in person, or one of my clients or women tell me, “Hey, he was at least several inches shorter” – GULP. Really, Mr. Client or Ms. Candidate? You didn’t think they or I would not notice?

I perform authentic background checks on both men and women alike. Yes, I really do.

Age is a no-brainer.  Easy fact checking.


Fairly simple to discern in pictures.

Because I really am the Photo Nazi of the elite matchmaking industry – demanding (and getting) the most current photos with no Photoshopping.

When necessary, I will continue to probe and ask for more pictures until I am satisfied the person’s weight looks proportionate to their height.  I don’t care about the actual number they say on an application.

I have a great track record.

The last time I heard a woman looked heavier in person than her pictures was maybe 14 years ago (and I’ve been matching CEO’s with women over 17 years now.)

Women are kinder if the man has a few extra pounds, but men not so much if a woman does.

The shame!

Height is trickiest.

And it’s the biggest deal breaker for women (but rarely for men.)

Women can be slender and wear 5-inch stilettos (under her jeans) and still look the height she puts down on her application.  But the gig is up when you take your shoes off!

Men don’t wear stilettos (at least the elites I represent) – but depending on where his image was cropped, height can be harder to tell on a man.

Whether you are doing online dating, or you sign up with my service – misrepresenting yourself will get you nowhere.

Except likely in hot water with me :-\

Have an age, height or weight horror story to share? Or all three?

Please get in touch with me at

We’ll keep the stories coming 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving week!

P.S. And on a different topic (hair) for dear, sweet men of a certain age with comb overs?  Just don’t.  Please.  Shave your head completely like Jeff Bezos did.   Bald really can be beautiful.