Q: Chris, when you get to know someone over the phone, how long before you should actually meet in person if you feel a connection?

~ Allison from Dallas

Hi, Allison:

The answer depends if you are referring to a local date or long distance.

Either way, I always advise “meet in person as soon as possible.”

If this is a long-distance date, “as soon as possible” could mean a week or two (at least with my own elite matchmaking clientele.)

But in the real world, it’s not always so simple. A long distance first date probably means more planning and budgeting—so maybe he can meet you in a month. Yes, HE should fly (or drive) to your turf when first getting to know you.

But if more than a month goes by chatting on the phone, and you still haven’t met in person—I would probably concentrate on dating locally. Otherwise you’ll be stuck forever with a long-distance phone buddy.

Now if we are talking about meeting someone locally, why are you waiting?

Talking on the phone (just like texting) can quickly become a crutch. Don’t allow it. One or two short, pleasant phone conversations should be enough. And then MEET HIM in person at a nearby restaurant or café.

The time is NOW to find out if there is a real connection or not—not countless phone chats later.

Value your time and he will value you!



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