Q: Chris, I am a wealthy, divorced man age 58 dating a beautiful 50-year-old woman. This is long-distance and I’ve visited her every other weekend for the past 4 months. She’s sexy, sweet and intelligent – and I have fallen for her. I have one issue. We sleep together, but we have not “done the deed.” She says it’s because she’s been burned in the past and full intimacy is not in the picture for now. I am a patient man, but honestly, I’m starting to feel it’s time to look elsewhere. Please advise.

~ Confidential somewhere on East Coast

Hi, Confidential:


You have the patience of a saint. Enough said.

She has placed you in the basket of deplorables.

You deserve better.

With my own clients, I always say “no sex before monogamy.”  You indicated in your letter (edited for length) that you and your girlfriend are exclusive.

So something else is going on here, and it’s a topic you should address with her, before you decide to move on.

And if your sexual needs are still not met, you have my permission to look elsewhere.

If you need a professional matchmaker, you are only a phone call away.



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